Asylum seeker deaths: Authorities took two days before launching search for doomed boat


Aboriginal shareholders ‘driven off land’ by rising rents in remote Lake Tyers community

Aboriginal shareholders 'driven off land' by rising rents in remote Lake Tyers community.

Victimisation By The Book



A four part strategy to systematically destroy a group of already victimised and traumatised people:

Part A

  1. Spread false information about these people and withhold the truth.
  2. Refer to them publically as illegal immigrants, queue-jumpers and economic migrants. Allow the public to expand on these words to include terms such as criminals, job-stealers, welfare-spongers and terrorists.
  3. Foster public opinion to believe that action needs to be taken against them.

Part B

  1. Round up and detain these already victimised and traumatised people, in remote places.
  2. Keep them in conditions which are condemned by the United Nations and Amnesty International.  Hold them there indefinitely, without avenue for appeal.
  3. Refer to them collectively as detainees and transferees.  Avoid using the term people.  Refer to them individually by numbers relating to the boats they arrived on, instead of by using their names.
  4. Tell them every day that they will never be adequately resettled and that…

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Hunger Strike, Day 17: Nights of Sorrow

Hunger Strike Under Siege: Moadamiya, Syria

“Northern nights of sorrow

Go on remember me, remember me

My beloved asks about me

Northern nights of sorrow

Oh, my love, I am a bird in the field

My family promised me to the sun and the street

Oh, my love”

It’s a song by Fairouz. I’ve been listening to it over and over since since yesterday. It makes me feel high, in a strange way. Maybe because the lyrics echo what’s going on in my head? The sad winter taking what’s left of our smiles, the emptiness I feel when I walk on the destroyed streets of our town, my family and my mom, who I haven’t seen in over a year and a half, and my girlfriend, my love who stopped talking to me few months ago because she fears that she’ll call asking about me one day and find that I’m dead due to shelling, starvation…

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Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to December 14th

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Read of today’s events below.


The updated, weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.


arrival listTo find the older information click here


14th Dec

Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 27C, 10mm rain, wind 5-10Kmh E-SE

Weather at Christmas Island; 29C, Showers & Thunderstorms, wind 10-15 Kmh variable, Seas 1m, Swell S-SW@2m.

70 New Arrivals

Gordon Thompson tweeted from Christmas Island at 1.30pm WST, “State Secret#26 XmasIs 9am HMAS Stuart disembarked 70 refugees diverse origin kids.” 

The ABC is now (about 15 minutes after this post was first published *Preen*  *grin*) reporting that “One witness says more than a dozen of the arrivals were children.

I am wondering if the strange behaviour of the “Eline Enterprise” on Thursday night has anything to do with these new arrivals. There is that “Sweet…

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