BLOOD ON HANDS … Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to December 5th

5th Dec


3.45pm WST – It seems asylum seekers have been found on shore at Christmas Island. The Shire President (Gordon Thompson) is reporting that the vessel sank on Monday, that there are around 30 people involved and that, as yet, there are no reports of deaths.

I have just seen a tweet from Oliver Laughland of the Guardian Australia that “Those on board have been living on a remote beach for the past 3 days. 8/9 were found by police wondering up a main road on CI earlier today”

The West Australian is reporting that, “A group of Burmese asylum seekers appears to have arrived on Christmas Island undetected. Christmas Island residents said a group of asylum seekers had been been discovered wandering on a remote road on the eastern part of the island this afternoon. They claimed to have arrived on the island on Moday when their boat came ashore at the remote Dolly Beach. Another larger group had remained behind at the beach while others went for help. They said there had been no fatalities.“

Later in that same report was the following wich seems to indicate a second vessel!

A man identified as Chris said he had heard a boatload of Sri Lankan asylum seekers had run aground on Greta Beach. “Apparently their boat has wrecked,” he told Macquarie Radio. “The Navy have raced over there. I heard the situation was quite bad.” He said the beach was small and surrounded by extremely high cliffs. It’s believed the boat arrived about 11am.”

Different beach – three days or a few hours? One boat or Two?


Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison has broken his “no information” rule and announced that there has been an incident on the South East Coast of Christmas Island. To me that sounds like a sinking or a boat which has run aground on the rocks.The same thing happened in December 2010. Surely, with the increased and much touted surveillance our new “Border Protection” has brought to the area, no Asylum Seeker vessel could make it that close to the Island without being spotted! There is some incompetence shown here and I do hope it has not cost any lives.

Sue and I had been watching a sudden flurry of movement by HMAS Larrakia and an unknown vessel up and down the East Coast of Christmas Island and wondering at the reason. We suspected an unexpected arrival but did not dream that the Minister would be telling us so quickly.

Further updates will be made as available.

This Morning

Yahoo Australian News is reporting that “Another asylum vessel has arrived on Christmas Island – the third to make it to Australia since Indonesia said it would end all cooperation on people smuggling. Officials on Christmas Island say a vessel carrying about 60 people was intercepted last night. The passengers have been transferred at sea to a larger border protection vessel.” (Thanks Sue)

The “larger Border Protection Vessel” is probably ACV Ocean Protector which explains why she has hidden herself from the Live Marine Traffic sites. The question is, “Will these people be landed before 9am EST tomorrow so that they can be included in tomorrow’s press conference”?

Reports are that there are still around ten boats out there heading towards Christmas Island.

Unexpected information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 28C, Fine and cloudy, wind 10Kmh SE-NW

Weather at Christmas Island; 27C, Fine and cloudy, wind 22 Kmh E, Seas 1m, Swell S@2.5m.


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Read of today’s events below.


The updated, weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.


arrival listTo find the older information click here


5th Dec

Unexpected information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 28C, Fine and cloudy, wind 10Kmh SE-NW

Weather at Christmas Island; 27C, Fine and cloudy, wind 22 Kmh E, Seas 1m, Swell S@2.5m.


3.45pm WST – It seems asylum seekers have been found on shore at Christmas Island. The Shire President (Gordon Thompson) is reporting that the vessel sank on Monday, that there are around 30 people involved and that, as yet, there are no reports of deaths.

I have just seen a tweet from Oliver Laughland of the  Guardian Australia that “Those on board have been living on a remote beach for the past 3 days. 8/9 were found by police…

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Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to November 27th

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Read of today’s events below.


The updated, weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.


arrival listTo find the older information click here


27th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon – 27C, rain (18mm?), wind 5-10Kmh SW-N
Weather at Christmas Island – 28C, 20% rain, wind 16Kmh NW


Mike Smith is reporting that ACV Ocean Protector has offloaded 50 people at Flying Fish Cove.  (Thanks Sue and “Z”)

On the other hand, Gordon Thompson has tweeted;

State Secret#20 Xmas Is Jetty 11am 2children,1woman8menRohinga disembarked Ocean Protector

— gordonthomsonci (@gordonthomsonci) November 27, 2013

At this stage I will record 11 arrivals subject to the Uniformed Minion’s announcements on Friday.

I was expecting some action soon as I had spotted Ocean Protector break its “horizontal” (East West) patrol pattern. She haired off Northish to that same position…

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Refugee Boat Arrivals

Refugee Boat Arrivals

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28th Nov – TBA

27th Nov – One vessel at Christmas Island. 11 Rohingas

26th Nov – zero

25th Nov – zero

24th Nov – zero

23rd Nov – zero

22nd Nov – zero

21st Nov – zero

20th Nov – zero

18th Nov – zero

17th Nov One vessel at Christmas Island with 40 new arrivals – afghani, pakistani, srilankan, rohinga origins

16th Nov – zero

15th Nov – zero

14th Nov- zero

13th Nov One vessel sinking off Java with 50 people on board. Basarnas responded.

12th Nov One vessel with 63  possible Somalis arrived in Darwin Harbour

11th Nov One vessel with 40-60 men women and children from Middle east

10th Nov – zero (the 63 people -from Probably Sri Lanka – mentioned on 7th Nov finally landed)

9th Nov – zero

8th Nov – zero

7th Nov – one vessel with around 63 people.

6th Nov – zero

5th Nov – zero

4th Nov – zero

3rd Nov – zero

2nd Nov – zero

1st Nov – zero


31st Oct – zero

30th Oct – zero

29th Oct – zero

28th Oct – zero

27th Oct – zero

26th Oct – zero

25th Oct – zero

24th Oct – zero

23rd Oct – zero

21st Oct – One vessel at Christmas Island; 40 arrivals

20th Oct – One vessel at Christmas Island; 130 arrivals

19th Oct – zero

18th Oct – zero

17th Oct – One vessel at Christmas Island; 60 arrivals

16th Oct – zero

15th Oct – zero

14th Oct – zero

13th Oct – zero

12th Oct – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 55 arrivals

11th Oct – zero

10th Oct – 1 vessel at Cocos; 83 arrivals

9th Oct – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 55 arrivals

8th Oct – zero

7th Oct – zero

6th Oct – zero

5th Oct – zero

4th Oct – 1 vessel off Sri Lanka; 70 non- arrivals who were heading for Australia

3rd Oct – zero

2nd Oct – zero

1st Oct – zero


30th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island, 80 arrivals

29th Sept – zero

28th Sept – 1 vessel sank close to Indonesia; ~70 dead, ~30 missing, 25 people saved.

2 vessels intercepted Nth of CI ; 77 people returned to Indonesia.

27th Sept – zero

26th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 80 arrivals

25th Sept – 1 vessel at Ashmore Reef; 19 arrivals

24th Sept – 1 vessel at Torres Str; 6 arrivals

23rd Sept – zero

22nd Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 30 arrivals

21st Sept – zero

20th Sept – zero

19th Sept – zero

18th Sept – zero

17th Sept – zero

16th Sept – zero

15th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 79 arrivals

14th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 25 arrivals

13th Sept – 1 vessel at Ashmore reef; 6 arrivals

12th Sept – zero

11th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 76 arrivals

10th Sept – zero

9th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 59 arrivals

8th Sept – 1 vessel at Darwin; 88 arrivals

7th Sept – ELECTION DAY!

Unaccompanied girl sent to detention on Nauru, refugee advocates say

November 21, 2013 · 12:47 pm

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November 21, 2013

Asylum seeker advocates say an unaccompanied teenage girl has been sent to Australia’s immigration detention centre on Nauru.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) has obtained two photos showing a young girl getting off a flight.

On the tarmac is an orange witches hat that says Air Nauru. The only other people in the photos are ground staff and a police officer.

Pamela Curr from the ARSC says the girl came off the plane first and alone.

“While she was on Christmas Island, the Minister for Immigration was her guardian,” she told ABC’s PM program.

“When he authorised the placing of her on a plane and sending her offshore, he cut that, he himself cut that legal responsibility and placed her in danger.”

On Friday, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison confirmed there were three other unaccompanied minors on Nauru.


ChilOut, a not-for-profit organisation that wants to end children in detention, says there are more than 100 children detained on Nauru.

The organisation’s campaign director, Sophie Peer, says she is extremely disappointed but not shocked that an unaccompanied minor is on Nauru.

“We knew that Minister Morrison, even as the guardian for these vulnerable children, did plan to send them to remote detention on Nauru indefinitely,” she said.

“We certainly ask of him to reconsider and to bring these children where they belong, back to the mainland of Australia and to be treated as children.”

Advocates highlight sex assault risk

Ms Peer says the conditions on Nauru are not appropriate for a young girl on her own.

“What we understand is, of course, insufficient power, insufficient water [on Nauru],” she said.

“The people are living in Army-style tents that have no air conditioning. It’s hot. It’s dusty. There’s absolutely no privacy. It’s quite a long walk to the toilet block from the accommodation tents.”

Ms Curr says there have been sexual assaults reported in other detention centres.

“There’s always that risk,” she said.

“We know from young men, unaccompanied minors who are sent to Manus, that they made allegations of being raped. We don’t know what is going to happen to this girl.”

A statement from the Immigration Minister sent to the ABC says it is government policy that families who arrive illegally by boat are sent to Nauru and there are no exemptions to the policy.

It also says the publication of images of asylum seekers can place relatives of those persons at risk in their home countries.


remembering in the silence

I have been thinking of this report and thinking of how quickly this was all silenced.  I am thinking of those who are suffering such horrors still and anew.  With much love and determination to fight for you. Janet

Manus Island detainees ‘raped and abused’ with full knowledge of staff

Whistleblower who worked at Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea says it is not fit to ‘serve as a dog kennel’

manus island

Temporary regional processing centre in Manus Island, Tent Interior Photograph: Department of Immigration and Citizenship/PR Image

Detainees on Manus island have been raped and abused with the full knowledge of staff, a former senior guard at the Australian processing centre has claimed.

Speaking to SBS’s dateline on Tuesday, the whistleblower alleged that repeated incidents of rape and assault occurred on the PNG regional processing centre and condemned the facilities as not even fit to “serve as a dog kennel”.

Rod St George, the former G4S security senior manager on the island, claimed that assault victims were knowingly left in the same compound as their abusers as there are not adequate facilities to separate them.

“There was nothing that could be done for these young men who were considered vulnerable, which in many cases is just a euphemism for men who have been raped,” he said.

Adding: “We might separate people in those circumstances on the mainland, but there aren’t any facilities at Manus to do that, so these people who have been assaulted are forced to remain back in the tent.”

The whistleblower also said that self harm and suicide attempts on the island were “very common – almost daily” . He said: “I’ve never seen human beings so destitute, so helpless and so hopeless before. I took the position with every intent of making the place a safer environment, but it proved quite rapidly to be an impossibility. In Australia the facility couldn’t even serve as a dog kennel. The owners would be jailed.”

He also claimed that a number of detainees had intimidated others into self-harming, and said that one detainee had been left injured after others had been “pouring solvents in his ear for some time”.

The immigration minister Tony Burke confirmed on Wednesday morning that despite St George’s allegations the government still plans to transfer asylum seekers to Manus under its draconian new “PNG solution” within a few weeks.

Burke, who is travelling to offshore detention facilities at Manus and Nauru on Wednesday, said he had had a “direct conversation” with the whistleblower and was starting to “work through these issues”.

Speaking on ABC radio, Burke described the allegations as “horrific”. He said that during his conversation with St George the whistleblower had made specific allegations, including that it was impossible to separate detainees if abuse allegations were made. He said he would be examining them directly.

He added: “He [St George] thought some of that may have actually been addressed since he left, but not sure whether it’s been done to the full extent possible. I’ll be in Manus for the next couple of days, and I’ll have a look for myself.”

The news comes as another boat carrying asylum seekers bound for Christmas Island sunk off the coast of Java on Tuesday night. The Australian Maritime Authority has said there were up to 100 people on board. Three deaths have been reported. The Indonesian search and rescue agency are mounting an operation in response.

Asked to comment on the allegations made by the whistleblower, a spokesman for Diac said: “The department takes all allegations of this nature seriously, and has initiated a process to obtain the full and specific details made Mr St George, so we can investigate his claims.”

The spokesman continued: “The department is unaware of the claims on SBS dateline of “unreported acts of self harm” which are alleged to be “off the scale”. Suicide attempts or incidents of self harm at the centre and any allegation of misconduct is taken seriously, and we encourage anybody with information about these allegations or other allegations to contact the department so we can investigate.”

He said that the department was aware of one allegation of sexual assault in the Manus processing centre, but said the detainee did not press charges when interviewed by the PNG police. He said the department had seen no allegations of rape in the processing centre.

“Rape is a criminal offence in PNG. Any claim will be reported to police for investigation – transferees are encouraged to report personal safety concerns immediately,” he said.

the illegality and horror of ‘enhanced screening’

Hello peoples – this article written by Nick Olle is comprehensive in terms of understanding the actualities of so called ‘advanced screenings’ and the lived and terrifying effects on people seeking safety.  The so called ‘authorities’ are not only secretive or silent about what they are doing to asylum seekers but are using speed to circumvent any assistance or advocacy that may be possible for those being ‘screened’!  This too amounts to what i see as war crimes by the Australian government against a number of groups of people fleeing persecution – including Tamils, Iranian and Vietnamese peoples.  Note too that Morrisson has announced that anyone arriving from Sri Lanka seeking refuge will be immediately deported…. Janet

Operation Enhanced Screenings – Nick Olle

The Global Mail October 24 2013

Interrogated without a lawyer and sent back en masse to the country they risked their lives to flee — Australia is expanding its controversial fast-track “enhanced screening process”.

As many as 30 unaccompanied Vietnamese men were deported from Perth this week – most of them after only a single interview with two immigration officials, without a lawyer present.

The move signals that Australia’s controversial “enhanced screening process” – previously known to be applied to Sri Lankan asylum seekers – is now being broadened to include Vietnamese.

Most Vietnamese nationals held in Australian immigration detention are seeking asylum on the basis of religious or political persecution; they cite abuses against Catholics and dissidents in their homeland, a single-party Communist state.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has confirmed to refugee advocates names of at least 20 deportees. Some of the men were transferred from detention in Darwin to Western Australia’s Yongah Hill detention centre immediately before the removal process began.

At least some of those deported had also been interviewed two months ago, with the permission of the Australian government, by Vietnamese officers from Section A18 of the Ministry of Public Security. Officially, the A18 is Vietnam’s Office of Controlling Exit and Entry, but it is widely known as a secret police force that also monitors and disciplines Vietnamese citizens.

On Wednesday, an advocate contacted to confirm the reports told The Global Mail:

“It seems they were bussed out of [Yongah Hill] last night and don’t know what happened next, but can only imagine they are back in [Vietnam] by now. People are in shock. I have various reports of 20 or 25 or 30 or 40, don’t know. Some say they were mainly people who were exposed to the [Vietnamese] police and signed something with them. They were coerced into signing things they didn’t understand – it is just bad news.

“[The immigration department] has only acknowledged receiving lawyer/advocate requests to talk to them before their deportation, but no actual news of what happened to them, and no contact was made.

“The closest equivalent in the criminal justice system would be if a police officer conducted the initial police interview of a suspect without a lawyer present, decided that the suspect was guilty and so dispensed with the courts …”

− Rachel Ball, HRLC

“Very wishful thinking is that they could be on [Christmas Island] but I think I am deceiving myself with this small chance of hope. So they were given no notice at all, and were not allowed to call or talk to anyone once they were locked in the room. Information blackout for them and us.”

Around the time of the A18 interviews at the detention centre, one Vietnamese detainee tried to hang himself and another five successfully escaped, though they were later recaptured.

All of the unaccompanied Vietnamese men deported this week had signed protection-request forms, asking to be represented by the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre (RILC), according to asylum-seeker advocates.

Under the “enhanced screening process”, introduced a year ago by the Labor government, two officials from Australia’s immigration department conduct an initial interview with asylum seekers – who may not be informed of their legal rights – and, on the basis of that interview, decide whether they are eligible to make a claim for refugee status. If the answer is no, they are scheduled for deportation.

Rachel Ball, Director of Advocacy and Campaigns at the Human Rights Law Centre said: “The closest equivalent in the criminal justice system would be if a police officer conducted the initial police interview of a suspect without a lawyer present, decided that the suspect was guilty and so dispensed with the courts, judges, juries, rules of evidence and appeals mechanisms and just sent the accused to prison.”

More than 1,000 Sri Lankans have already been deported under this process, according to a critical Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) report released on October 22. The report raises several concerns with the enhanced screening process, including its failure to offer detainees legal representation or other normal safeguards, such as a written record of the reasons for the decision, and the fact that the screening interviews, “may be brief and not sufficiently detailed or probing to ensure that all relevant protection claims are raised”.

The UNHCR has labelled the enhanced screening process “unfair and unreliable”.

Shayla Strapps, CEO and principal solicitor of the Perth-based organisation CASE For Refugees, told The Global Mail: “I’m not sure what label government is putting on this process. Enhanced screening was essentially brought in for Sri Lankans. They [the government] just say they are trying to move those with no claim offshore quickly.”

Strapps adds, “Our concern is in relation to those who have been screened out – with no access to lawyers, there is a serious risk of refoulement.” Under the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, which Australia has signed, “No Contracting State shall expel or return (‘refouler’) a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his life or freedom would be threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.”

The RILC frequently intervenes on behalf of screened-out asylum seekers who it deems have a legitimate case for protection. The Global Mail has spoken to one Vietnamese family in a Darwin immigration facility, who were saved from imminent deportation thanks to the intervention of the centre, following initial intervention by advocacy groups.

“They [immigration] did it on a weekend and they didn’t have request forms signed so we didn’t have time to get to them.”

− Nam Pham, Vietnamese community leader

Perth-based Vietnamese community leader Nam Pham calls advocates’ work with asylum seekers “a race against time”. He cites the example of two brothers recently deported from Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre: “They [immigration] did it on a weekend and they didn’t have request forms signed so we didn’t have time to get to them.”

Pham is in intermittent contact with one of the brothers back in Vietnam, who he says is being harassed and “consistently asked to go and see the police”.

And those left behind in detention – even those who’ve been “screened in” for further consideration of their asylum claim – are “scared and panicked”, Pham says.

“They think they could be next [to be deported].”

Another source reported on Thursday that the deportees had arrived at Ho Chi Minh Airport. In Yongah Hill detention centre, detainees have heard there may be weekly removals to Vietnam.

The office of the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Scott Morrison has not replied to requests for comment from The Global Mail.

In his October 18 briefing, Morrison referred to enhanced screening of Sri Lankans who had arrived by boat as a success, saying that “Under Operation Sovereign Borders we are taking a much stronger position on these issues, we are not dealing in half measures under protest.

“I have instructed the Department to enforce the screen out procedure policy on all Sri Lankan arrivals regardless of their pathway to Australia,” Morrison said.

State Secrets. Christmas Island. 23/10/2013

  1. The following is taken from gordonthomsonci twitter : copied 6.20pm 23rd October 2013 by me.  note that the times are and dates are in blue alongside his twitter account details.  thank you to gordon thomson keeping us updated from Christmas Island – where he lives.  Reading down this page you are reading most recent messages at the top….

    State Secret#15 Customs ship Triton disembarked 40 African refugees women men – 0 kids 8am Christmas Is. Hope lives.

  2. State Secret#14 kids small baby,women,men Rohinga probably 130 disembarked Navy Christmas Is 2:00pm. Rumour Abbott return home no process

  3. State Secret#13 At Christmas Island 8am Approx60African,mideast disembark HMAS Warramunga, 1 8yr boy, 8-10 women,2wheelchair- safe at last

  4. @MarilynShephe15 I suspect you are correct. But the navy is out in numbers

  5. @dickybeacholdie OK. just sticking to principle purpose-let u know when boats come to CI. 1 today and last 1 on Mon 30 Sept.

  6. @greenat17 Sure drop in at the union office poon saan rd. Crabs Oct to Dec need to drop eggs high tide before Nov or December new moon.

  7. @FrBower Try the Minister’s office. The salvos were there too.

  8. @fionalander @antloewenstein @rightsagenda Good. Aust health standards require women of Christmas Is to birth in Perth.

  9. State Secret#12 Today 8:30 Christmas Island time 55 children,women,men landed. First bo