Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to December 11th

remembering the child, and two adults who died in their attempt to find safety in Australia. of course Australia could have prevented the deaths of these people by providing safe ways to get to Australia followed by appropriate care – that is actual care. more blood on hands of this nation.

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Read of today’s events below.


The updated, weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.


arrival listTo find the older information click here


11th DEC

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 30C, 2mm rain, wind 5-15Kmh SE-NE

Weather at Christmas Island; 28C, Showers & Thunderstorms, wind 10-15 Kmh NE-SE, Seas 1.5m, Swell S@2m.

Three Asylum Seekers Die in Boat Sinking Off Indonesia

The Jakarta Globe has reported that “Three asylum seekers including a toddler died when their Australia-bound boat sank in rough seas off Indonesia’s Java island but 29 others were rescued, police said Tuesday.  Hundreds of asylum seekers have died trying to make the sea voyage to Australia in recent years, and Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said the sinking highlighted the dangers of people-smuggling.

The vessel had been carrying 32 people — including members of…

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