indigenous social justice association: on a public meeting and other things

some final things for 2013 as we wind up for the year.

tonight, thursday, and apologies for the short reminder here, we will be holding our meeting at the redfern community centre at the block at 7pm to further our call for solidarity from those groups and individuals previously invited by letter to discuss the upcoming tj rally, amongst other solidarity actions.

the next and final isja meeting for the year will be held on 12 december. all are welcome to attend at 7pm at the redfern community centre. the january meetings will be held on 9 and 23 january, 2014 and thence every 2nd and 4th thursday of the month thereafter.

on friday 13 december we will be holding our last public meeting for the year at the settlement, 17 edward street, darlinton. . we begin at 7pm and finish, at the latest, by 9pm. tea, coffee and water…

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