Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to December 2nd

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Ocean Protector’s Strange Course

Read of today’s events below.


The updated, weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.


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2nd Dec

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 30C, rain (20mm?), wind 26Kmh N-NW
Weather at Christmas Island; 28C, 20% rain, wind 10Kmh SE, Seas 1m, Swell SW 2m.

There have been some interesting shipping movements around Christmas Island over the past 24 hours.

cishipping0212130820hrsWST copy

ACV Ocean Protector broke out of the East-West patrol pattern it had been following for around 48 hours. She headed NW to around 20 NM from Flying Fish Cove.

Then it – well, perhaps the map on the right will explain it better. The last of the E-W patrol course is shown around 5Km North of Flying Fish Cove.

With two near stationary moments and a neat bowtie course…

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