work in progress – ‘ no exceptions’

‘There will be no exceptions’


You used to write to me:

‘Thank you Dear’.

‘You know I am here.’

‘I used to think all Australia hates us.’

‘God made us black we accepted.  Why others cannot accept.’

‘I miss my family.’

‘Someday I will be free and I will sing thanks to all the worlds.’

It has been five days since I heard from you.

This sudden silence scares me.


We sat at a white table. Our eyes cast away. I had to leave.  You could not. Despair

silently slid down the legs of our chairs and pooled on the lino.


Catatonic and incarcerated

the four year old child will take nothing more into her body-

neither food nor sound.

Her screams too are frozen.

Bitter brutality slices her psyche

into thin slivers


they adorn Scott’s* blood-soaked soul.

* referring to Scott Morrisson: Minister for Immigration and Border Control =  child abuser, murderer, war criminal

written by Halhal and Janet


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