Letter from Afghan MP’s about ‘Deporting to Danger’

This letter was sent by over 40 Afghan Members of Parliament urging the Australian government not to send Hazaras back to Danger and not to reinstate the disastrous Temporary Visa.
1. Please ring your local member and urge them to listen. Find your member here http://australia.gov.au/service/federal-electorate-and-local-member-search
2. Contact the ALP Senators and ask them to stand by their abolition of the TPV in 2008 by voting to disallow the regulation which reintroduces the hated TPV.
You can make a difference.

To: The Hon Tony Abbott, Prime Minister, AustraliaCc: the Hon Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

Dear Prime Minister,

We, the members of Afghanistan’s parliament acknowledge, and appreciate, the collaboration and cooperation that the people, parliament and the government of Afghanistan receive from the people, parliament and the government of Australia. We are very thankful for the endless efforts make by the people and the government…

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