Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to November 27th

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Read of today’s events below.


The updated, weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.


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27th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon – 27C, rain (18mm?), wind 5-10Kmh SW-N
Weather at Christmas Island – 28C, 20% rain, wind 16Kmh NW


Mike Smith is reporting that ACV Ocean Protector has offloaded 50 people at Flying Fish Cove.  (Thanks Sue and “Z”)

On the other hand, Gordon Thompson has tweeted;

State Secret#20 Xmas Is Jetty 11am 2children,1woman8menRohinga disembarked Ocean Protector

— gordonthomsonci (@gordonthomsonci) November 27, 2013

At this stage I will record 11 arrivals subject to the Uniformed Minion’s announcements on Friday.

I was expecting some action soon as I had spotted Ocean Protector break its “horizontal” (East West) patrol pattern. She haired off Northish to that same position…

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Refugee Boat Arrivals

Refugee Boat Arrivals

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28th Nov – TBA

27th Nov – One vessel at Christmas Island. 11 Rohingas

26th Nov – zero

25th Nov – zero

24th Nov – zero

23rd Nov – zero

22nd Nov – zero

21st Nov – zero

20th Nov – zero

18th Nov – zero

17th Nov One vessel at Christmas Island with 40 new arrivals – afghani, pakistani, srilankan, rohinga origins

16th Nov – zero

15th Nov – zero

14th Nov- zero

13th Nov One vessel sinking off Java with 50 people on board. Basarnas responded.

12th Nov One vessel with 63  possible Somalis arrived in Darwin Harbour

11th Nov One vessel with 40-60 men women and children from Middle east

10th Nov – zero (the 63 people -from Probably Sri Lanka – mentioned on 7th Nov finally landed)

9th Nov – zero

8th Nov – zero

7th Nov – one vessel with around 63 people.

6th Nov – zero

5th Nov – zero

4th Nov – zero

3rd Nov – zero

2nd Nov – zero

1st Nov – zero


31st Oct – zero

30th Oct – zero

29th Oct – zero

28th Oct – zero

27th Oct – zero

26th Oct – zero

25th Oct – zero

24th Oct – zero

23rd Oct – zero

21st Oct – One vessel at Christmas Island; 40 arrivals

20th Oct – One vessel at Christmas Island; 130 arrivals

19th Oct – zero

18th Oct – zero

17th Oct – One vessel at Christmas Island; 60 arrivals

16th Oct – zero

15th Oct – zero

14th Oct – zero

13th Oct – zero

12th Oct – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 55 arrivals

11th Oct – zero

10th Oct – 1 vessel at Cocos; 83 arrivals

9th Oct – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 55 arrivals

8th Oct – zero

7th Oct – zero

6th Oct – zero

5th Oct – zero

4th Oct – 1 vessel off Sri Lanka; 70 non- arrivals who were heading for Australia

3rd Oct – zero

2nd Oct – zero

1st Oct – zero


30th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island, 80 arrivals

29th Sept – zero

28th Sept – 1 vessel sank close to Indonesia; ~70 dead, ~30 missing, 25 people saved.

2 vessels intercepted Nth of CI ; 77 people returned to Indonesia.

27th Sept – zero

26th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 80 arrivals

25th Sept – 1 vessel at Ashmore Reef; 19 arrivals

24th Sept – 1 vessel at Torres Str; 6 arrivals

23rd Sept – zero

22nd Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 30 arrivals

21st Sept – zero

20th Sept – zero

19th Sept – zero

18th Sept – zero

17th Sept – zero

16th Sept – zero

15th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 79 arrivals

14th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 25 arrivals

13th Sept – 1 vessel at Ashmore reef; 6 arrivals

12th Sept – zero

11th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 76 arrivals

10th Sept – zero

9th Sept – 1 vessel at Christmas Island; 59 arrivals

8th Sept – 1 vessel at Darwin; 88 arrivals

7th Sept – ELECTION DAY!

work in progress – ‘ no exceptions’

‘There will be no exceptions’


You used to write to me:

‘Thank you Dear’.

‘You know I am here.’

‘I used to think all Australia hates us.’

‘God made us black we accepted.  Why others cannot accept.’

‘I miss my family.’

‘Someday I will be free and I will sing thanks to all the worlds.’

It has been five days since I heard from you.

This sudden silence scares me.


We sat at a white table. Our eyes cast away. I had to leave.  You could not. Despair

silently slid down the legs of our chairs and pooled on the lino.


Catatonic and incarcerated

the four year old child will take nothing more into her body-

neither food nor sound.

Her screams too are frozen.

Bitter brutality slices her psyche

into thin slivers


they adorn Scott’s* blood-soaked soul.

* referring to Scott Morrisson: Minister for Immigration and Border Control =  child abuser, murderer, war criminal

written by Halhal and Janet

Unaccompanied girl sent to detention on Nauru, refugee advocates say

November 21, 2013 · 12:47 pm

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November 21, 2013

Asylum seeker advocates say an unaccompanied teenage girl has been sent to Australia’s immigration detention centre on Nauru.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) has obtained two photos showing a young girl getting off a flight.

On the tarmac is an orange witches hat that says Air Nauru. The only other people in the photos are ground staff and a police officer.

Pamela Curr from the ARSC says the girl came off the plane first and alone.

“While she was on Christmas Island, the Minister for Immigration was her guardian,” she told ABC’s PM program.

“When he authorised the placing of her on a plane and sending her offshore, he cut that, he himself cut that legal responsibility and placed her in danger.”

On Friday, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison confirmed there were three other unaccompanied minors on Nauru.


ChilOut, a not-for-profit organisation that wants to end children in detention, says there are more than 100 children detained on Nauru.

The organisation’s campaign director, Sophie Peer, says she is extremely disappointed but not shocked that an unaccompanied minor is on Nauru.

“We knew that Minister Morrison, even as the guardian for these vulnerable children, did plan to send them to remote detention on Nauru indefinitely,” she said.

“We certainly ask of him to reconsider and to bring these children where they belong, back to the mainland of Australia and to be treated as children.”

Advocates highlight sex assault risk

Ms Peer says the conditions on Nauru are not appropriate for a young girl on her own.

“What we understand is, of course, insufficient power, insufficient water [on Nauru],” she said.

“The people are living in Army-style tents that have no air conditioning. It’s hot. It’s dusty. There’s absolutely no privacy. It’s quite a long walk to the toilet block from the accommodation tents.”

Ms Curr says there have been sexual assaults reported in other detention centres.

“There’s always that risk,” she said.

“We know from young men, unaccompanied minors who are sent to Manus, that they made allegations of being raped. We don’t know what is going to happen to this girl.”

A statement from the Immigration Minister sent to the ABC says it is government policy that families who arrive illegally by boat are sent to Nauru and there are no exemptions to the policy.

It also says the publication of images of asylum seekers can place relatives of those persons at risk in their home countries.