Praying to every God in every faith that Toady Abbott will not be returned after 3 years of Government in Oz.


As instructed by Dept of Bee Pee (Border Protection) under Minister Scrotum Morrison, I heard Serco staff speak of ‘detainees’ today – no longer ‘clients’ (another objectifying objectionable term). They were referring to gracious & beautiful PEOPLE – the families kept inside Inverbrackie Detention Centre (South Australia) including the Iranian teenage girls who were waiting nearby for visitors to arrive; the 3 week old baby girl; the 7 week old baby boy; their Tamil & Persian parents; the 7 yr old girl who sang “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree” to me; the 3 widows each travelling with 4 children; the Tamil father travelling with his young son, grieving for his wife & 3 daughters who live daily with the risk of authorised & targetted violence, arrest, torture, rape & murder of Tamils in their beautiful homeland, Sri Lanka.

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