State Secrets – news from Nauru – 23 October 2013

News from Nauru – thank you to   Clint. Deidenang ‏@clintd22  who’s messages I copied 6pm AEST  -(daylight savings)


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Clint. Deidenang ‏@clintd2234m


Clint reporting on flight from Nauru:

RON916 (B733) filed to depart YCIN/DCN @ Wed 09:00PM WST for YPDN/DRW @ ETA 11:48PM CST … #flightaware

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@gaelia47 Yes seems more numbers are leaving and very few arrivals.

Clint. Deidenang@clintd22 3h

@pamelacurr Theres no infant on todays transfer flight to #Nauru.

Spotted at #Nauru airport a asylum seeker family boarding plane. 2 young girls seen board plane with family. Another bus just entered tarmac

3rd busload of asylum seekers boarding plane to depart #Nauru complete. Mostly Sri Lankan men and a small family with 2 girls board plane.

Asylum seekers family transfer just complete. New arrivals board bus for RPC3.

Spotted disembarking from transfer plane another group of asylum seeker families. 3 only childrens with family spotted onsite.

Another group of asylum seekers are to board the return transfer flight off #Nauru.

Today another asylum seeker transfer plane just landed at #Nauru International Airport.

We Live In Terror, Mr Abbott  via @sharethis … via @thewest_com_au

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@nifmoran Crazy! Let him call these unfortunate people whatever he like they still qualify under one category….. Human brings.

19 Oct 2001 SIEV-X sank. 353 ppl drowned. Most rejoining rels in Oz on TPVs. TPVs force wife, kids to use smuggler. TPVs just restored

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@HRP_org Every individual that disembark from the transfer plane has been photographed like every other inbound/outbound transfer. Pics file

@HRP_org But I suspect those pregnant by how carefully and slowly they descend on the stair case. One husband holds hand all the way down.


@HRP_org Yes I saw women disembark but cannot identify who pregnant because of their traditional clothing. Head/body covered.

RON916 arrived at Darwin Int’l / RAAF (YPDN/DRW) at 10:58PM CST from YCIN/DCN (RAAF Curtin) … #flightaware

RON916 (B733) departed YCIN/DCN @ 08:07PM WST for YPDN/DRW ETA 10:53PM CST … #flightaware

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@MarilynShephe15 Believe me Mate! Locals are not happy.

@MarilynShephe15 @ASRC1 Too bad my once pleasant homeland is deeply involved all because of $$$$$$$$

@MarilynShephe15 Cannot really put into detail how many but the tents i saw at RPC3 are very big and can be used to hold a church function.

RON916 (B733) filed to depart YCIN/DCN @ Sat 07:30PM WST for YPDN/DRW @ ETA 10:18PM CST … #flightaware

Spotted at #Nauru airport boarding transfer return flight 64 male only asylum seekers comprise of Sri Lankans/ Middle East origins.

Confirmed on Thursday 17 one of the pregnant asylum seeker was transfered to an unknown hospital to #Australia from #Nauru.

An unconfirmed number of asylum seekers are to board the return flight transfer plane leaving #Nauru. Destination unknown.

Another asylum seeker families seen disembark from transfer plane. Men women and children board bus now leaves tarmac heads to RPC3. #Nauru

Just landed another asylum seeker transfer plane at #Nauru international airport.

Schoolboys carry pangas, not books! …


@ASRC1 What’s is this? What the hell is the Australian Govt doing?

@MarilynShephe15 @teamoyeniyi @expat_46 Major land clearance and expansion currently under Construction. RPC 3 is now bigger the MCG.


@MarilynShephe15 @TeamOyeniyi @expat_46 More big tents have been erected on the new cleared expanded land. Giant concrete tanks being const.

@MarilynShephe15 @TeamOyeniyi @expat_46 Also yesterday I saw massive expansion of RPC3. Heavy machinery’s land scape the new expand land.

@MarilynShephe15 @TeamOyeniyi @expat_46 Yesterday I was outside parameter of RPC3 I saw women sit outside their tents with a confuse look.

@TeamOyeniyi @expat_46 I see desperation mothers trying to save/offer a better life for their kids. Must be the bravest mothers of all time

@TeamOyeniyi @expat_46 I’m sure these mother’s fully understand the risk prior to boarding the boats but desperation have overcome the odds

Dear All, Please find the following attached Job Vacancies from the Justice Department: Senior … 

Expression of Interest sought for appointment as Judge to the Supreme Court of Nauru The … 

Dear All, Please be advised that the NRO will be closed today due to power … 


@FarrellPF: Tamil refugee who won ASIO high court tried to hang himself in detention @RACSaustralia

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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Job Vacancy- Desk Officer Applications are invited … 

Spotted disembarking man carrying a 3-4yr child. 7 children also spotted with families. Transfer now complete. 2 bus head to RPC 3.

Today another families of asylum seeker transfer seen at #Nauru international airport. Spotted man carrying a 2-3yr child


Today spotted at #Nauru international airport another asylum seeker transfer plane just landed.

Another power failure. #Nauru once again lingers in darkness.

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