State Secrets. Christmas Island. 23/10/2013

  1. The following is taken from gordonthomsonci twitter : copied 6.20pm 23rd October 2013 by me.  note that the times are and dates are in blue alongside his twitter account details.  thank you to gordon thomson keeping us updated from Christmas Island – where he lives.  Reading down this page you are reading most recent messages at the top….

    State Secret#15 Customs ship Triton disembarked 40 African refugees women men – 0 kids 8am Christmas Is. Hope lives.

  2. State Secret#14 kids small baby,women,men Rohinga probably 130 disembarked Navy Christmas Is 2:00pm. Rumour Abbott return home no process

  3. State Secret#13 At Christmas Island 8am Approx60African,mideast disembark HMAS Warramunga, 1 8yr boy, 8-10 women,2wheelchair- safe at last

  4. @MarilynShephe15 I suspect you are correct. But the navy is out in numbers

  5. @dickybeacholdie OK. just sticking to principle purpose-let u know when boats come to CI. 1 today and last 1 on Mon 30 Sept.

  6. @greenat17 Sure drop in at the union office poon saan rd. Crabs Oct to Dec need to drop eggs high tide before Nov or December new moon.

  7. @FrBower Try the Minister’s office. The salvos were there too.

  8. @fionalander @antloewenstein @rightsagenda Good. Aust health standards require women of Christmas Is to birth in Perth.

  9. State Secret#12 Today 8:30 Christmas Island time 55 children,women,men landed. First bo

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