State Secrets / Silencing 21st October 2013

Refugee Rights Action Network WA posted 21st October 2013


New boat arrivals 21st October, via Gordon Thompson:
21st Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

Two Vessels in Two Days! Mike Smith has reported that “Shaz” on Christmas Island has told him that 40 people, possibly Somalis, have been landed by ACV Triton. A number of us have been watching Titon’s antics this morning. She suddenly appeared yesterday afternoon travelling west, apparently directly from the mainland and since then has been moving around Flying Fish Cove.

Thanks, Vince, Sue and Marg for your help. It seems that Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison has outsourced dealing with Asylum Seekers to the Romulans and their cloaking device!

20th Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

At approximately 5pm WST, Gordon Thompson tweeted from Christmas Island, “kids small baby, women, men  Rohinga  probably 130 disembarked Navy Christmas Is 2:00pm. Rumour Abbott return home no process“

This appears to indicate that a single vessel has been intercepted and its occupants, Rohingya, a persecuted group from Burma, landed on Christmas Island. On Friday (20th), at the weekly Military Press conference “The Government has revealed that 73 asylum seekers were immediately flown back to Sri Lanka following an initial assessment on Christmas Island.“

If this is now the accepted practice then these persecuted people will be immediately sent back into danger. Perhaps it is not only the Australian people who are being kept in the dark but also the rest of the world. Especially the UNHCR since these actions completely breach our international obligations!

‘ When you don’t oppose a system, your silence becomes approval. ‘

Mumia Abu-Jamal



21 October 2013

Sixty asylum seekers, 23 Tamils and 37 Afghans and Pakistanis, were brought from Nauru to Curtin detention centre on Saturday 19 October.

The sixty brings the total number of asylum seekers brought to Australia from Nauru to around 200 – all of them asylum seekers who arrived in Australia after 12 August 2012 and 19 July 2013. Most of them have been on Nauru for around one year.

Unlike those earlier transferred from Nauru, this group of sixty have all had refugee determination interviews on Nauru, dating from March this year, but none have had any answers from Nauru authorities.

The group were told before they left that they could stay on Nauru, but it was uncertain when they would get answers to their refugee assessments and how long they might remain on Nauru. But if they came to Australia, they would re-processed from scratch.

“These asylum seekers have suffered the most terrible treatment at the hands of Australian authorities. Australia initially dumped them on Nauru a year ago, insisting that they were Nauru’s responsibility,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“It was always a lie, and now what is very clear is that Nauru is completely unable to actually assess these people’s refugee claims. Nauru’s system is already collapsing under the strain. Nauru has been unable to deal with 200 claims; there is no way it is going to be able to process the 1,000 or so asylum seekers now on Nauru.”

Although the asylum seekers were told they would have to wait between four and six months to get answers, that was over seven months ago. When contacted by the Refugee Action Coalition, Nauru officials have been unable to say when any of the asylum seekers would get answers to their assessments.

“It is worse than pointless sending any asylum seekers to Nauru. The people, including the pregnant women and their babies, are simply victims of Scott Morrison’s domestic political agenda. All the asylum seekers on Nauru should be brought to Australia. The ones already here should be released from detention immediately and granted protection visas.

“These asylum seekers were sent to Nauru under Labor’s Pacific Solution mk II. Just like those sent by the Howard government, they were told they would never be resettled in Australia. Now they are here. Scott Morrison is just paling politics with people’s lives.”

For more information contact Ian Rintoul mob 0417 275 713

‘The greatest form of sanity that anyone can exercise is to resist that force that is trying to repress, oppress, and fight down the human spirit.’

Mumia Abu Jamal (African American activist on death row)

‘ When you don’t oppose a system, your silence becomes approval. ‘

Mumia Abu-Jamal


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