We have at least managed to get a meeting for Gail Hickey and ISJA with the NSW aboriginal affairs minister, Victor Dominello, and the NSW attorney-general, Greg Smith, on investigating methods to be employed to allow for a new non-police investigation and a full and open coronial inquest to occur. The first meeting proved to be barren except for victor’s constant reminders that he was the first government minister to actually meet with Gail. Yes, we know, victor, but there was no follow through. Greg on the other hand, as the first law man of the state and so sworn to uphold justice, offered well known advice and the insult of counseling.
Offering counseling to families of death in custody victims is very much given with the single disgusting view of seeking an outcome that is morally and legally reprehensible. Their perception of our families is so bloody warped by the genocidal history of the invasion that they truly consider that we do not grieve. We do not suffer sorry business. That life moves on and so should our families. For some we are still in the flora and fauna category. Absolute shame. Gail and so many others do not want counseling; that will come after when justice is finally allowed to happen. Then counseling may occur.
Our families grieve and are traumatized by not only the death of their loved one but by the total blind injustice that is brought to play to protect those who kill by the governments and courts of this country. we can bury our loved ones but we cannot, and never will be able to, ‘cop it sweet’ by a society that still dismisses us as nothing more than a legal irritant to be pushed aside as having no real human or legal rights. We are placed as nothing more than de trop!
Advising aboriginal families that they can take legal action is a slap across their face. We cannot afford it. Our legal service is not resourced enough and is facing cuts from the one who loves us, aka Tony Abbott. Legal aid is also not able to assist. The fact that both are government funded Ii will leave in the air. So that leaves pro bono, which is now rare. The recent plea for funds from others also raises little. So our families are left with nothing. Death in custody families must be funded by the individual governments as these cases do not have an end date.
For nearly 10 years, NSW governments have had the moral opportunity to make apologies to Gail Hickey and other families who have had a loved one killed, whatever the circumstances, by sworn officers of the state who, tragically, have been granted the government-appointed immunity and impunity to do so. The NSW police association is so powerful that for 9 years they have successfully blocked a plaque being affixed to the fence line in honor of TJ because they find the truth to be confronting. This is not police truth! Other police said so, and lied in court to prove that the death of tj hickey was an accident. It was not. It was a police chase by a police detective gone wrong.
Our NSW police not only stop the family, and his community, from putting up a plaque to honor TJ, they will not allow the government to apologize to Gail and the other families. When will the NSW government accept that we have more than just an expectation for justice and pull their ‘bully-boys’ into line and make them professional but accountable? We must not continue to live in neverland.
Ray Jackson
indigenous social justice association
(m) 0450 651 063
(p) 02 9318 0947
address 1303/200 pitt street waterloo 2017
we live and work on the stolen lands of the Gadigal people.
Sovereignty Treaty Social Justice

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