The war on pregnant asylum seekers intensifies

Extremely Disturbing.

The conditions for pregnant women in Wickham Point Immigration Detention Centre (WPIDC) are even worse than the those at the DAL.

  • Women report that they are constantly hungry because of lack of food
  • They tell of meals of boiled chicken and rice day after day
  • They have to wait in food queues in the heat for one to two hours to be served.
  • Women who feel faint and ask for permission to sit are told that this is not permitted unless they have a “script” from the doctor otherwise they must wait in the queue like everyone else.
  • All people including the women are allowed one piece of fruit each day, two sometimes depending on which guard is on duty
  • Their rooms are searched with cameras and they get into trouble if they are found with food or fruit in their rooms.
  • Guards walk in without knocking at any…

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