Refugee Refugee Roundups


Dear Friends,

Yesterday a number of people- refugees and asylum seekers were picked up and put back into detention.

Because of the cone of silence surrounding all things DIBP (Dept Of Immigration and Border Protection) we do not have a precise explanation as to who is at risk of re-detention > or what exactly could bring down this extreme penalty.

Yesterdays victims were all different and naturally for privacy reasons the details are not available.

Asylum seekers on bridging visas or community detention are at high risk but refugees awaiting finalisation of process are also at risk.

Please tell our friends and spread the word that adherence to the most minor and stringent of regulations is needed to avoid re-detention.

We have a new government who are already in the spotlight for their own rulebreaking- how better to shift the focus from their extravagant use of tax payer funds to…

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2 thoughts on “Refugee Refugee Roundups

  1. I feel so very sad and so despairing when i think of what is happening to refugees and asylum seekers under our new government … the hush ups, the deportation and re-detention especially of minors, the conditions in which people are detained, the fact that basic rights are denied. I wonder where it will all end. I wonder how much suffering must be endured. I wonder if an end can be found to this cruel treatment. I wonder how long we ordinary people will put up with this behaviour from our government and what action we ordinary people can and will choose to take to convince our governments that their present actions are not acceptable to us the people they are elected to govern.

    • Yes Dorothy – tis terrifyingly awful. So much suffering inflicted. I know no answer than to keep talking – to keep shouting where there is silence – to keep remembering, not allowing forgetfulness amongst those I know at least. And at times I think when will we put our bodies as well as our hearts on the line – it feels like the time is now. I would like to surround each person that they are taking back into asylum or deporting so that the ‘officials’ or rather ‘criminals’ could not get their hands on them – to create a barrier, a suit of armour out of our bodies is what I would like to do …. but it does not seem possible. I think that many of those who are being taken are being called into Immigration for a interview or check in and are then being taken – I may be wrong here but I suspect this is what is happening – stealth, disappearing people under the cover of bureaucracy. I saw that there is a group trying to organise more effective ways of combatting this horror. I will find out as much as I can about them and let you know. And ya know I also return again and again to what Arundhati Roy says …. tho right now I cannot remember it exactly but it is something about resistance as being that which grows the beautiful, grows love in the face of destruction and forgetting. So yes I do still believe in the power and importance of nurturing that which is beautiful in and around us, and in and around others – and so, growing love. Two things that June Jordan once said: ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’ and ‘Beauty is not in need of revolution but there will come a time when revolutions are in need of beauty’. And I know that to remain in the long-term – for this will be a long struggle- we must remember that the earth still holds places of beauty and invites us to commune with these, to listen and replenish. And I know this is necessary to survive these times. Dorothy I do so appreciate yours and John’s comments and support. Strange isn’t it how even in not physically meeting I feel a strong sense of support and solidarity and care for and with you both. xx Janet

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