State Secrets / State Violences

:The following tweets give some idea of some of the secrets being held:

1.  kon karapanagiotidis     ‏@Kon__K                6 Oct

1st known suicide attempt by a woman seeking asylum at Nauru Detention Centre via @clintd22 #auspol #shameful #refugees

2.  kon karapanagiotidis     ‏@Kon__K                7 Oct

Scott Morrisson gives all asylum seeker addresses to police and enforces ‘mandatory beahaviour’ protocols.

Kon K says:

Handing over the addresses of #asylum seekers to the police & mandatory behaviour protocols. How about a yellow star Scott Morrison? #auspol

3. The Guardian     ‏@guardian8 Oct

Indonesian military pursuing me, says West Papuan who occupied consulate: RIS

4. RISE @riserefugee                10th october

Australian immigration detention centres are called “factories of mental illness” #WHMD2013#auspol#mentalhealth#refugees

5. SBS News     ‏@SBSNews                11th October

Asylum seeker boat intercepted off Cocos Islands yesterday, government

6. RISE (Refugee Survivors and Ex-detainees)

Scott Morrison imposes information blackout on self-harm in detention

‘That is not something you’ll hear me discussing,’ says immigration minister


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