deportation alert

Last update from RISE on 8th October.  The Tamil asylum seeker who was threatened with deportation is at the moment relatively ‘safe’.  He was not given any legal representation however RISE were able to assist him and to STOP HIS DEPORTATION!
5th October 2013
Tweets from RISE over the past 19 hours re. DEPORTATION ALERT: Thankyou RISE.
1. RISE @riserefugee 19h Deportation Alert: Tamil asylum seeker, Removal dates Brisbane Oct 7 or 8: We think he is in BITA but SERCO says he is not there. #auspol
1. RISE @riserefugee 19h Deportation Alert: We cannot trace the asylum seeker anywhere in Australia & his family & frineds also looking for him
2.Deportation Alert: Asylum seeker thought he had lodged &kept calling DIAC for the last 3mnts asking why his visa was not renewed &they never got back to him. Suddenly they called him this week for a meeting & then just took him in & informed him he will be deported to SL. 2/2
3. RISE @riserefugee 18h Today DAIC gave a Sri Lankan asylum seeker an Afghan interpeter for his refugee case interview in Melbourne CDB
4. RISE @riserefugee 15h Deportation Alert- Update: We found him in BITA or at least a detention centre in Brisbane. We are waiting for him to email his documents. Quite often email 1/and fax does not work in detention centres which makes deportation easier for immigration. So lets see if he is able to do this.

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