Castlemaine Vigil Update 19th September 2013

Hello All. If you are in Castlemaine (or not) have a look at the moon.  It’s full and glowing- in a blurry way – as it pushes through striated strands of cloud.

I have not been at the vigil this week – aside from a soakingly wet Monday when a lovely young boy came and sat with me.  Thea and Lane were there Tuesday and Narelle and Rob will be there tomorrow – Friday.

Last week’s highlight for me was Thursday evening when there were quite a few people – mostly Koori people and we talked about what the effects of Abbot may be and how in many ways there is, for many people, many ways of knowing this form of politics.

(Posted on facebook by Sovereign Union):”The Australian Election is nothing more than factions of the settler society arguing over who will continue with the initial colonial plan of genocide, and ethnic cleansing, of the Original Tribes and destruction of our lands via natural mineral resource extraction (Koori Elder 2013).”

This week too has been the beginning of the shamefully named and terrifyingly violent ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’.

Remember that the 28th of September is the National Day of Action to Stop Deaths in Custody.  We, at the Castlemaine Vigil, invite you to a remembrance on the eve of this National Day of Action.  On Friday 27th of September come meet at the Castlemaine Market Building Steps at 6pm for a Remembrance of those who have died, to send our love to the families and communities who have lost their loved ones, and to say STOP the increased and continued incarceration of Aboriginal People in these, their lands.  We will read the poem By Uncle Jack Davis for John Pat; light candles; put messages in cards for the mothers of some of those who have died and make a big noise saying STOP.  This will be filmed and sent to relevant ‘authorities’ as a form of protest.

Please go and support Rob and Narelle tomorrow- it means so much even if one person stops to say hello.

In Solidarity.  Janet Galbraith





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