Week 8 vigil Wednesday 7th August 2013

Week 8 Wednesday 7th August 2013
I am not sitting on the Steps tonight. I am unable to. I do have candles lit here however, to remember those who struggle, those who suffer, those who listen to the suffering, and those who stand in solidarity with those struggling. I also have a candle lit for Thea’s friend who is leaving this life. I send much care to Thea and her friends. Thea often sits the vigil on a Thursday evening.

I have needed to clarify what I am doing and why in terms of this vigil. I express it as follows:

I sit in love, attention, imagination and intelligence because this is what I have to share – not to preach, not to try to convert. Nobody need receive it but I need to demonstrate it. It comes from me sincerely and with feeling. This is not a burden – infact it is nourishing. Like a creative act that then grows more creative acts, sitting quietly in vigil – publicly stating my recognition of Aboriginal Sovereignty and my Solidarity with Refugees – is what I have to offer this world, at this time. It adds to the ‘Not In My Name’ movement that is steadily growing, and, I believe, it promotes love in often unknown ways. In this climate of hate and brutality, to love is a political act. It is simply all I am able to give.

I will be on the steps of the Castlemaine Market Building tomorrow from 5pm – 6.30pm.

My petition to our local political representatives will be there to sign should you wish.

I will also have a flyer with the time and date of the next Rally organized by a coalition of Refugee Support Groups and others to be held in Melbourne on the 24th of August and meeting at 1pm at the State Library. There will be a group going from Bendigo, and they are interested in people from Castlemaine joining them.

janet galbraith


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