week 5 Vigil July 11th 2013

Vigil July 11th 2013

Was lovely today to spend quite a bit of the vigil with Peter and Maxi – we have sat together a few times now. Maxi is a proud and open Koori woman and Peter a proud Murri man. These two have been lovely in the way they have shared stories with me and also in the way that they keep an eye out when I’m on the steps alone. Thanks too to the taxi drivers who also keep an eye on how I’m going.

Today Elizabeth brought the dvd ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ to leave with me. She is interested in a public showing of this – which I too am interested in helping organise. If there is anyone else interested in this let me know.

The movie ‘Mary meets Mohammed’, is also coming to the Castlemaine Theatre Royal soon. Will keep you updated as much as I can.

As RISE points out again: “Seeking asylum is not a crime”.

Seeking asylum is currently being misrepresented as illegal and dangerous so to gain some sort of leverage in this year’s election. This exploitation of asylum seekers and refugees is not new. In fact each of the past elections since Howard became PM, have exploited and ultimately sacrificed the bodies of asylum seekers and refugees, in order to build and promote fear. This fear, based on misrepresentation, demonization and criminalisation of traumatised and suffering people, seems to be the strategy that election winning is based on in Australia!

It is the promotion of this fear that the vigil attempts to intervene in.

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