week 4 vigil july 2013

Tonight marked one month of the vigil. Daisy came and sat with me for much of the evening, Ricky helped set up and Sylvia dropped in.

Tonight Daisy and I focused on sending love to those who are travelling – in boats, overland … travelling to find refuge. Travelling away from terror and violence. Trying to find a safe place. The small crescent moon keeping watch.

I give you this from Nelson Mandela:

“We discovered that peace at any price is no peace at all. We discovered that life at any price has no value whatever; that life is nothing without the privileges, the prides, the rights, the joys which make it worth living, and also worth giving. And we also discovered that there is something more hideous, more atrocious than war or than death; and that is to live in fear.”
Nelson Mandela

Please read the ABC article which speaks about the incarceration of children in Australia.

Lets speak up for the children. Ensure their young lives are worth living.

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