week 2: vigil

Tonight as I sat on the steps I thought of Ali Ahmad Jafari in his hour of desperate need when he was ignored and basic care denied. On June 20th, Ali, who was an asylum seeker detained at Villawood Detention Centre, died after his calls of distress were ignored by security guards for up to an hour! ! ! ‘Asylum seekers should not be dying in custody, medical distress should not be IGNORED by guards, everything humanly possible should be done to prevent such tragedy’.

I am thinking of his family, friends and loved ones. Oh such sorrow.

Daisy and I both sat in silence for half an hour thinking of all the families who have lost people in Australian detention centres, on their way to Australia and as a result of Australia’s inhumane racist policies. If you wish to make your voice heard; if you wish to make a stand against such terrible tragedies; if you wish to remember Ali Ahmad Jafari please go to the petition below where you can make your thoughts known to Immigration Minister Brendan Oconnor. (see bottom of this post)

After a discussion that became pretty yuk this evening I remembered the following quote and how apt it currently is:
‘If you’re not careful the newspapers (and politicians- my added words) will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing’. Malcolm X

Matt thankyou for your encouragement, Jack it was good to hear your story of love and sorrow. And Margaret and Despina thank you for your presence.

Lachlan will be sitting on the Castlemaine Market Building Steps in vigil tomorrow from 5pm-6.30pm. He will have the petition for you to sign with him. Keep him company should you wish. I will be back on Saturday evening.

A reminder again of the Forum for refugees on in Bendigo on Saturday. For details see past posts. PS Julian Burnside will be moderating the discussions. I send my apologies but hope lots of others can make it.

janet galbraith

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