Week 1, Day 4 of Vigil Tuesday 18th june 2013

Day 4 of Vigil
Tuesday 18th june 2013

It was really heartening to have a number of people join me last night at the vigil. I can feel how the sitting with one another in solidarity with refugees is opening conversation and an exchange of experiences and understandings – as well as silent remembering.

One man commented on how he was driving along and could see the candles and as he got closer he could feel that this was a place of care and warmth. He said he ‘didn’t know what it was about but that he was drawn to this place’. He sat in vigil with us.

Another woman came from Newstead with her child, to sit with us. (Thanks to the Midland Express for letting people know about it.) She spoke, with tears, of sitting in vigil outside the Maribynong detention centre and hearing people calling out their stories, shouting out their names from inside – knowing there were people outside but not allowed to have any contact.

I can feel that as this vigil continues there are actions (as yet unknown) that will grow from this.

The moon is becoming fuller – it’s light brighter – and as always i sent love through the moon to those who are suffering, and with it said: ‘We want to know your names, and even in not knowing your names, we call your names over and over. We do not forget.’

I will be on the Steps of the Castlemaine Market Building tonight from 5pm – 6.30 pm. Please join me, sign the petition and pick up some information resources should you wish

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