Week 1, Day 2 of Vigil June 16

The second evening of the castlemaine vigil in recognition of Aboriginal Sovereignty and in support of refugees – 16th June.

In solidarity with Aboriginal peoples and refugees, Jake and I sat on the Castlemaine market building steps with signs and candles demonstrating our care and concern for those who are fleeing persecution, war, poverty; those trying to find refuge.

It was cold last night, and i was immediately aware of the cold brutality that the Australian Government and mainstream media are metering out on the bodies and psyches of people who have already experienced extreme trauma.

A woman – who i have named the Lovely Eva – joined us to sit for a while. She signed the petition and spoke of her deep care. Another woman who did not give her name walked past and slowed down saying, with a very distressed look on her face: “it is not right, how bad they treat those people. It is not right. This is not our earth, we don’t own it – we are just borrowing it for a while. It is not right.”

A few others dropped by and signed the petition including a man and woman from Ballarat. One man stopped to argue aggressively against care and i said to him: ‘I am not here to argue. I will not change you through words and you will not change me. I am here to demonstrate care – care deeper than any words you or i will speak to each other tonight.’ I offered him some information that he may be interested in considering. He declined. We looked at each other in silence. He left. Throughout the evening many cars slowed down to look. Some giving us the thumbs up!

As the dark fell, I sat listening as all around became quieter. I listened to the birds finding their nests, to the occasional car with people making their way home – probably returning to a room they could warm, as would i be later in the evening. I felt the profound privilege of this. I watched as the clouds gathered around the moon creating a halo of red, indigo, yellow. I felt the moon’s presence. I listened to the humming of the earth and felt the essential kindness that grows from it. I sent my love to those in detention centres – i thought of each centre and sent my love in an attempt to wrap warmth and care around each person there. I thought of people out on the cold seas – hoping to find shelter once they came to land – hoping for safety, some warmth. I sent love and warmth to these people and the hope that no boat would founder tonight with these precious souls on board.

I send special thanks to Suvendi Perera for her knowing, deep kindness and to Marg Peck for her replenishing touch.

I will be sitting on the steps of the castlemaine market building again this evening (Monday 17th June). Please join me or drop by for information and to sign the petition.

[later in response to white supremacist hate speech being posted on my facebook page]

To those who have been supportive of my Vigil – blessings. To those who have hacked into my account and posted white supremacist extremist hate speech I give you one of my poems:

I don’t want to love what is easy
I want to listen
to the children / in their beds
to the children / on the streets
to the children / under fire
(and yes to the children in boats and imprisoned)
I don’t want to love what is easy


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