First vigil on the steps of Castlemaine Market Building.

First vigil on the steps of Castlemaine Market Building. 
A few people stopped by and signed our petition to Steve Gibbons – Castlemaine’s federal rep.  Despina and I sat with candles and boards expressing remembrance for those who have died, our care for all those seeking sanctuary/asylum and pledging that we will not forget those suffering in detention centres around this continent. 
I watched the moon overhead, felt the cold increase, and saw the first star rise – and tried to imagine what it would be like if i was in a boat trying to find safety, sanctuary.  I imagined the journey, the cold, the fear and terror.  I imagined how the trauma already held in so many bodies would be compounded and then compounded again should they reach Australia.  I imagined and yet i knew that in this imagining i was only touching the edges of what so many people experience.  Looking into the moon I sent love to those who are trying to cross the seas to find safety tonight and to the relatives and loved ones who’s own loved ones have drowned, and I said sorry that they are not given  care and dignity in life or death. And I remembered years ago hearing Suvendrini Perera speak of love as a political act, and i thought of Aunty Dr Ruby Langford Ginibi and her writings of love and again I know that to love – to truly love – is a necessary and political act. 
I will be on the steps again tomorrow evening from 5pm -6.30pm.  I would be happy if you joined me or just popped by to sign our petition.

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